25 thoughts on “David Nalbandian kicks Linesman in Queens Final – What a Shame!”

  1. It was an unfortunate event. Didn’t mummy say we must always wear shin guards?

  2. Aww bless the poor old man, kicked by a baby who spat his dummy out…. Bless

  3. I used to be a line judge like you, but then I took a nalbandian to the knee.

  4. I`m mean, he wasn`t angry at the linesman. What he did was wrong, but he didn`t mean to hurt the guy. He was angry and unlucky. On the other hand, Djoko was lucky, because he smacked the bench and some piece of wood could have gotten in someone`s eye.

  5. Stupid way to lose a championship. But also it is very hard to accept that this is not a stupid way to win one.

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