16 thoughts on “David Nalbandian kicks – Bloody Results! – Linesman Tennis”

  1. I would have found the strength in my other leg and kicked him in the back of the neck for sure. Spoilt brat would have been out cold.

  2. Il est débile ? Il est dingue ce gars, avant je l’aimais bien, maintenant c’est une ordure à mes yeux.

  3. What an idiotic move. He should be fined, suspended, whatever else, and move on. I just hope the other guy is ok; that was bleeding a lot, and there is almost nothing separating the shin from skin, poor guy!

  4. It’s over Johnny,, it’s over !!! Turn in your tennis license to make money. Back to digging ditches in Armenia for you !

  5. when I heard he kicked a sign, I was expecting some big billboard they have on the walls. Even I can tell if someone kicked that tiny thing it was gonna break with ease, and even if it didn’t break the fact he makes a kick motion there could also look like he was aiming his kick for the lineman behind it and be viewed as a threat. so he was gonna be in shit for that act no matter what the results were

  6. O juiz de linha saiu com a perna sangrando, e o argentino foi desclassificado imediatamente. Depois, Nalbandian ainda discursou para o público, criticando a ATP por também errar na aplicação de algumas regras. Como se uma falha justificasse a outra. É ou não é estupidez demais?

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