Queens Tennis Men’s Final 2012- David Nalbandian Kicks Out!

Tennis Heroes Video clip Score: 3 / 5

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  1. I think he thought the advertising in front of the officials feet was solid and not made of card bored

  2. I think his intial intention was probably not to attack the linesman but it was a mere accident. Despite it doesn’t justify why he did it, he’s a good tennis player, so it’s a shame!

  3. Was he meant to kick the linesman?

  4. Nalbandian se portó como un idiota. Eso no se hace. Como no puede ver que detraz de la caja están las piernas de ese juez. No tengo nada contra los argentinos, ni contra Nalbandian, pero tenía toda la cancha para patear o tirar la raqueta y justo tuvo que elegir la caja donde estaba el juez.

  5. paulgregs2006

    He dived lol

  6. 0:11 A great description of how the final ended, “a linesman has fallen off his chair”.

  7. Exactly, there was no need for it! =/

  8. What a twat