Nadal Wins French Open Final 2012 -Highlights – Novak Djokovic v Rafael Nadal Roland Garros

Tennis Heroes Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. zahid hussain

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  2. deaconduncan5

    Djokovic did not when the third set “because of rain.” He adapted better than Nadal did. The problem was, as soon as Djok gained momentum, plays was suspended. Nadal, having clay as his best surface, had the advantage returning. No doubt, Nadal is the better player on clay, but there is also no doubt that Djokovic is the better overall player.

  3. but djokovic able to won a set because of rain if djokovic is the master of game he could have beaten him next day great players dont need the support of whether… nadal beaten him on next day

  4. Djokovic is one of the best if not the best player on the court. All he needs to do to win all 4 majors is get back into the groove he had in 2011. And he needs to work on one more thing: beating Nadal on clay. Seeing as Nadal never loses on clay (besides once in a game no one saw) all of his clay matches are boring. Who wants to watch a game where you already know who’s going to win, why their going to win and how. Djokovic 2012!

  5. halimthebest1

    So true

  6. this year i dont see djoko capable of defeating Rafa… rafa’s crossbackhand is back and djoko forhand is not like 2011!!! if djoko whants to defeat rafa again he must play like 2011 and then he will make a chance !!!


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  12. nadal ripped djokovic a new ass hole

  13. both have arsenals of tactic…If slugging out from the baseline (n the case of Nadal) is the way to beat the might Djokovik…then why not employ it to the full. Its a real Championship match and not meant for someone to employ variety of shots just to please viewers.

  14. Bravo Nadal!

  15. so mean of you!

  16. Nadal is the fucking best player

  17. thats is true and nole did said that but after the first rain delay novak lost the first two games in the third set

  18. futureenginer256

    no doubt nadal is king of clay… this is because only right now ferder or djokvic can defeat him, as ferder normally getting old day by day and he is unable to maintain his original stamina and game, and as we all know djokvic has an ability that he can come back in latter sets, as he did in third set. but luckily for nadal whether came in the favor of nadal

  19. Well, Nadal’s awful ugly Tennis wins another French Open. What a load of crap. The guy is a cheat, time wasting… leaning on officials to get his own way…the list goes on. Him and Djokovic are as bad as each other, dreadful tennis…stay on the baseline and slug it out, no variety whatsoever. We need some new kids to break through, so sick of this ugly spanish cheat.


  21. nadal won 6 RG without rain what about that ? (in which he defeat federer 4 times hehehe) plz accept the defeat and learn to give credit to winner not making excuse im nadal fan but i gave credit to djoker when he defeat nadal in wimbledon us open australian open your djoker also gave credit and congratz nadal learn from him 

  22. my dear you mentioned that momentum was with DJOKOVIC but you forgot when momentum was with nadal and he won 2 sets that same rain saved djokovic otherwise your djokovic would have been easily lost in 3 sets and in the end you said that nadal won due to mercy from allah and djokovic yeah thats right allah mercy on those who worked hard and for your kind information nadal not won RG for first time he have 7 and djokovic none what about that

  23. you cannot say that that rain favoured the nadal infact rain favoured both of them first rain favoured djokovic when nadal was in momentum after 2 sets and he won the third otherwise it would have been easy 3 set sitting for nadal and then when momentum began for djokovic rain favoured nadal.. but some people saying that nadal took the advantage of rain stopage so my dear you have to stop the game when its raining tennis cannot be played in rain …

  24. rafa eres el mejor!

  25. elschultinator

    yeah nole was dominating him when he lost the first 2 sets, won the third and was up 2-1 in the fourth. no. just no.