25 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic battles young tennis fan during practice (Australian Open 2012)”

  1. Really great stuff. Its the little things in life that matter the most and clearly Nole still has an eye for what’s important

  2. It is a sad reality that many of the rich and famous will have all kinds of opportunities and glory that everyone else will never experience, in particular their born-with-a-silverspoon-in-their-mouth children.
    It is true that to achieve upper class, one must sacrifice their life to hard work.
    Wouldn’t you want these sorts of opportunities for your children, living the life you never had? 😛

    Obviously this girl does not have famous parents etc see below comment from other dude

  3. I did this at the Davis Cup in Geelong and i played Benard Tomic it was soo cool

  4. I wanted to see him slash the ball into her face crushing her life’s dreams

  5. Djokovic seems like a genuinely good guy. Tomic would’ve been crushing first serves at her.

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