22 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic The Open Drive: Australian Open 2012 brought to you by Kia”

  1. I’m from south america and i can’t understand you guys… You blame each other for what you governments have done. You hate each other without any personal reason! It doesn’t make any sense at all.

  2. First of all we did not steal the the land of Kosovo and Second Go that other guy who is beating Djokovic! Wait did he already win… I don’t know i don’t watch tennis much, I just knew there would be lots of hate on this video…

  3. Serb royal family are descendants of pig farmers.

    Novak’s mother is Croatian.

  4. Regardless of that they still started the war. Ever heard of the Black Hand?

  5. What’s wrong with u people putting bad comments bout novak he has done nothing neither has the rest of srbija it was the government’s fault bout kosovo not the people’s & especially not novak’s it really offends me cuz i’m like his biggest macedonian & serbian fan & i always support him but no1 should blame he bout kosovo blame the stupid parliament not the people GO NOVAK!!! your the best & nicest man i’ve eva known no1 can eva beat u

  6. Novak Djokovic is half Montenegrian, his father and grandfather is from Montenegro

  7. The first decent Albanian I found on Youtube. Thumbs up. P.s. You forgot to mention your government for stealing land and organs that are not theirs. But anyways, This is a sport video……AJDE DJOKOVIC, TAKE HOME THE FRENCH OPEN! SRBIJA!

  8. I found your post on the other clip, you said “Novak is not from Serbia, he is from Kosovo.”


  9. u are the bigest stupid person in this planet u head is full of bullshit whith imagination for serbs u serbs ar nothing at all just a murder u are talking abut prisoners hahah
    who has more prisoners in europe for murdering kids ,pregnant womens ,old people ,only serbs do this .u serbs should move out of europe and go were u come from ,and leave us alone will du u a good,beafore all european country will deletet serbia from the map beacuse u are only trouble makers…

  10. oh im sure he will.. but when novak,rafa and federer stop playing tennis

  11. What’s with all the hate?
    This guy is literally so nice and decent and he is a very grateful person.

  12. Why is it that on every video involving a Serbian athlete or famous person, all the comments are about war, politics, and history? Go and argue somewhere else privately I’m not hear to read all this crap.

  13. Stop being stupid all of you, and stop being racist, im albanian I dont hate serbs I hated their government back in the Kosovo War for killing thousands of innocent people, But i dont hate serbian people and This is a sports video not an Albania Vs Serbia Video So stop being racist to albanians and stop being racist to serbs!

  14. the only thing you should do is go suck a dick and read a history text book.

  15. Morons talking politics, go on other videos for that. THIS IS ABOUT SPORT. If you’re gonna talk dirty politics GET LOST.


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