25 thoughts on “Roger Federer – PeRFection Is In Tennis (HD 720p)”

  1. Yes of course:
    1 – X-Ray Dog – Hope Always
    2 – Celldweller – The Wings Of Icarus
    3 – X-Ray Dog - Night Hounds – Shredded Ice

  2. Can you make a basketball mix of like kobe or like paul pierce or wade. It would be much appreciated. because this is sick !

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  4. Guy’s stop comparing Roger to God I mean he’s good, but c’mon he’s no Federer.

  5. Well said. A lot of people and myself feel that Roger should move up to using a racket with a 95 sq.in head size instead of 90. That would give him a bit more pop to hit through Nadal( like Novak does) At last year’s Sony Ericsson in Miami, Roger could not hit through the court against Rafa due to the high humidity, while Nadal just pounded him.

  6. Of course not. Nadal’s shot is too consistent and Federer’s backhand is too exploitable. He can’t do anything about his backhand’s inherent weakness. The topspin causes inaccuracies. The height puts him out of his power zone, which is why Fed wins WTF. It’s VERY slow, but the bounce is very LOW. Hitting on the rise is impossible on every shot. Give Nadal time to setup his off forehand and the point is over. Slice is also a topic, but I’m out of space here.

  7. With the greatness of Roger’s game, I never understood why Nadal’s heavy topspin game gives Roger so much trouble. I’m also shocked that he has not been able to make the right adjustments. Only on an indoor super fast surface does Roger’s game matches well against Rafa. On slow surfaces in which the ball bounces high, Roger is totally dead meat against Nadal.

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