25 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs David Ferrer ATP Miami Masters 2012 Highlights”

  1. Probably best Match i ever seen..

    Djoko speed power stamina is incredible hes soooo fast

  2. David Ferrer (Spanish, Ranked 5th in world), not Roger Federer (Swiss, Ranked 3rd).


  3. very accurate and succinct summary, not sure why it has received this many dislikes, maybe from those who really appreciate ferrer’s grit, determination and never say attitude that must be commended.
    Such a credit to the tour and is one of those players who seems to be a late bloomer somewhat, long may it continue into his 30’s.

  4. Djockovic is number 1 I play tennis u12s and number 8 in Victoria and 23 in Australia so yeah.. Lol

  5. Didnt sound to me you appreciate Ferrer enough,according to you Ferrer doesnt have weapons,but he is still n5 in the world.And i never mention any nationalism,i just said that i support Serbian athletes ,just like American,Russian or Japanese support theirs.I dont have favorite player,i said i support Djokovic ,never said he is my favorite player.I think that every player is special,and every player have some weapons that are better than the other.Im not seeing players one sided as you do.

  6. So what if you are “Djokovic supporter and a Serbia sports fan?” What does Serbian sport have to do with Ferrer’s style of play? My favorite player is Federer, but I appreciate all players, cheer for fair competiton and try to stay from any nationlism and nationalistic ill will that seems to have plagued YouTube tennis videos in recent months.

  7. Whatever is good enough to make you n5 in the world.Its his style of play,and players aint to happy to see little David across the net,trust me.I would not underestimated him,you should see what he’s done to Del Potro previous round,and Potro was a favorite for many.Dont judge people and players like that,Ferrer demands respect and he is not a grinder, he is aggressive baseliner and a great player.And this comes from a Djokovic supporter and a Serbia sports fan.

  8. Agree with that. He grinds his wins and very rarely dominates the player. Yep top spin shots are his thing typical of clay court players. Yeah true he doesn’t have any kill shots nothing absolutely lethal that you would watch out for. You know his game plan and there’s nothing much to surprise you. I’ve noticed that neither him or nadal really make the ball go through the court especially fast they struggle to flatten out their shots.

  9. I know what you meant. Ferrer is a grinder, nothing more, nothing less. He wins points on stamina, speed, making his oponents hit the extra shot and being consistant off the ground. He hits (like all good claycourters) with topspin, but he doesn’t have kill shots. He doesn’t go down the line or doesn’t hit through the ball crosscourt. The ‘weapons’ he might have are with his sheer determination and defense. He can hit the odd winner or two, but he really doesn’t have weapons in terms of shots.

  10. Ferrer’s forehand can give him control of a point just perhaps not against such strong opposition hence it is a weapon. Nadal relies on people missing and on unforced errors. Blessed in the form of natural talent. Sports stars quite often need a natural talent and djokovic has always had one of the best backhands on tour.

  11. His strengths are his stamina, defense and consistancy. Those are not weapons, those are just strengths. Karlovic and Isner have monster serves, that’s a weapon. Federer and Nadal have their forehands, that’s a weapon. Wawrinka, Gasquet and Almagro have their backhands, that’s a weapon. Ferrer doesn’t have a shot that he can rely upon to take control of a point and potentially end it. He relies on not missing and having his oponents beat themselves. “Blessed?” What does that even mean??

  12. I disagree. You don’t take the best player in the world to a tie break or break their service if you have no weapons. He doesn’t have any shots to end the rallies early so I agree with that point made but he has a good forehand on him and the backhand ain’t too shabby either. He’s strength is hitting on the run and consistency. Djokovic is just blessed with a stunning backhand it has to be said.

  13. Ferrer has no weapons to hurt Djokovic, or any of the top players. The only thing he can hope for is for them to beat themselves, with a lot more UE’s. Give him credit, he’s there or there abouts, but he’s got no real power and no kill shots that can end points quickly, and his serve can be a liability for him. He just faced a guy that does everything he does but a bit better and with more power.

  14. Exactly! I told you that because all other aspect of your clip were great such as audio sync, good quality, aspect ratio…Keep on with a good job 🙂

  15. you can always count on Ferrer to crack when it matters. That forehand into net in the tiebreak: help.

  16. Federer had a better forehand then backhand by the way. People slam his backhand because it is his weakness.

  17. Good god Ferrer is a FIGHTER… I think only Nadal works as hard as he does on the court

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