Novak Djokovic vs. Tennis Machine

Tennis Heroes Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Big cook little cook, what a fantastic shout!

  2. Its Big cook, little cook

  3. BIG COOK, LITTLE COOK. Welcome to our cafe….

  4. what is this sh*t all about??

  5. I see a lot jelly ppl here,or lets call them hatters better…
    Nole pwns,nothing u can do about it bitches !!

  6. thats not dogopolov

  7. people,people, thats a joke!

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    This music video is for NOVAK DJOKOVIC!
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  9. Head masterpiece!!!
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  10. It took me a while to realise it was a “Tennis Machine” rather than a “Time Machine”

  11. In their own delusional minds maybe…

  12. Enjoy what????…. this is ridiculous!!!!!!

  13. He’s a serb.They dominate

  14. He’s a serb. They smell

  15. Novak wearing the same clothes for 5 days……lol
    made over $30M career prize money.

  16. awesome 🙂

  17. SerbianWarriorCCCC

    your dad is gay

  18. SerbianWarriorCCCC

    svaka cast nole

  19. sallyossoukroedition

    So much hatred…

  20. sallyossoukroedition

    That’s funny!

  21. Djokovic [SRB] #1 on planet – fake ?????
    Your moma’s pizza is fake,it’s like plastic….Go and suck it…

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