25 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal and Gilles Simon Practice 2012 BNP Paribas HD”

  1. Be n°13 ATP, and the you can talk about being a loser or not…

  2. you can tell why rafa is a champ and simon is not. Rafa is hitting every shot correctly in practice as if it was a real game, and simon is like “yeah whatever its just a practice, i can play relaxed and however the fuck i want to”. thats what separates a winner from a loser.

  3. then why were not you in your time of tennis young … simon is just this training and he’s the number 12, and his game is based on the bottom of the tennis court like rafa nadal.

  4. and why you’re not in the atp???? why you’re not a famous tennis player????

  5. ** Simon: Rafa, can you teach me a better forehand ? **Rafa: Simon, you wont learn, you are too bad !

  6. You wont believe, but you should, MY FOREND IS BETTER THAN SIMON’s !!!

  7. for some reason, i thought that nadal was on our side, and that both of them were playing with opposite forehands

  8. French experts call Simon a genius. He just absorbs everything and sometimes, add power after he absorbs the ball. He does not use a lot of power but has great pace.

  9. It’s a practice session, idiot.
    Nadal and Simon hit the ball much harder in match.

  10. It’s a practice session.
    Watwh his forehand in match to really describe it.

  11. simon has an amateurish form on his forehand. He’s not rotating his torso all the way. Somehow, though, his forehand is really good.

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