25 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal, el rey de la pista / the king of tennis court.”

  1. nice vid does anyone know the name of the song?? plz reply if u do,

  2. Let’s hope he takes care of himself and that doesn’t happend. Tennis world
    needs more unbelievable Roger vs. Rafa battles. 😉

  3. Nadal es mejor que federer, eso es claro en el frente a frente y la cara de
    miedo de federer cada vez que se enfrentaba a nadal……………..jaoajoa
    cuando nuevamente se recupere, destronara a federer y sera el mejor de
    todos….. con esto no quiero decir que Federe sea malo, alc ontrario es
    uno de los mas grandes

  4. No solo a el le intimidad Nadal -Rafael es un jugador que intimida. Pero lo
    que le pasa a Federer es que simplemente es dominado por Nadal -sea donde
    sea. A Rafa solo pueden ganarle jugando extremadamente bien y solo si
    Rafael esta en menos forma fisica!!”””

  5. Love the vid love the tune. Rafa was simply amazing 2day in a class of his
    own and I truly believe this is his year for Wimbledon. Vamos Rafa

  6. Nadal can’t be totally fit on every match because he is a very physical
    player and that is what the other players depend on….. Rafa being in less
    than good shape.. so they can have a chance to win!!! Hahahahha pathetic!!
    Nadal is the greatest and most exiting tennis player in the planet!

  7. TSAR!Came from kingdom of Spain to kingdom of Britain…to CONQUER THE

  8. te quedo kbron ese video!!!!! VAMOS

  9. let me first say, i’m a federer fan. but, nadal is amazing. a frieking
    legend on clay! it’s like if you have a video game and created a player,
    maxing him out on just about all skills. but!! … is he going to stay
    healthy? you see, i think that the hard courts could be his undoing. if he
    tries too hard, as hard as he does on clay and grass, he’s going to tear up
    his knee and/or ankle, and he won’t be the same! i really hope not, but you
    just can’t play like he does on hardcourt, all the time

  10. federer finge ser el cool pero es un cobarde a la hora de enfrentar a nadal
    vamos rafa!!

  11. Love this video. Brilliant! Our boy is on fire right now. It’ll be 4 in a
    row at RG on Sunday. Vamos Rafa.

  12. sorry if this is a stupid question but if rafael nadal parera is his name,
    then why don’t people treat parera as his last name??

  13. Lo que puede hacer el dopage!! te lleva hacer el n° 1. Pero es evidente que
    el mejor siempre sera Federer.

  14. great song and great photos…where did you find them??? Nadal is the
    greatest—-> BYE BYE FEDERER!!!

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