25 thoughts on “Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic on top of the Burj Al-Arab Hotel”

  1. u sunce ti jebem koja je ovo visina,jbt kad cu biti ovde? NIKAD!!!
    Al sta ce kad je pun s`devize ko sipak!!! BOLI GA KURAC!!!

  2. Новак Ђоковић зна, осећа и воли тенис. Милосав Симовић зна, осећа и воли војску. Новак и Милосав су велике патриоте. Обојица су стручни, храбри и племенити. Нека их господ Бог чува. Живео Новак Ђоковић. Живела Србија. Живео Милосав Симовић. Живела Српска војска.

  3. I thought Nadal and Rog did this before?? but I think it was in Qatar? Correct me if I’m wrong..

  4. I love how Roger is doing all the talking; like he’s introducing Novak to the champions life. Roger just seems so comfortable like he’s created the new level of tennis and Novak is just experiencing Roger’s creation.

  5. Yes, they know ! On the ball you have 2 words – Novak & Federer For Dubai 🙂 I know i have it too 🙂

  6. the people who find the balls wouldn’t even know where they came from…

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