13 thoughts on “TV star Jonathan Ross talks Wimbledon, Roger Federer & playing tennis”

  1. Fuck Johnathan Ross, Zionist worshipper, Satanic practitioner and Fuck everyone who does not wake up to the truth.

  2. Agreed, Roger has a fantastic sense of humour and would be wonderful on his show, its just that no-one has the sense to ask something different yaaaaaaaaawn!! He would be hilarious if he was allowed to be himself !! 

  3. Jonathan loves wimbledon so much that even if it were called “RIMBLEDON”, he’ll still say it as “WIMBLEDON”

  4. Federer has no chance of winning Wimbledon this year. He has declined a lot this year. Perhaps due to his back problem? Every time (bar 1) this year he has faced one of the top 4 he has been defeated easily, every time he has faced the strongest guys outside the top 4 (Del Potro, Tsonga…) he has lost and he’s now losing/struggling against lower-ranked guys like Nishikori, Youzhny and Haas, whom he always used to beat. I think he’ll lose in the quarter-finals. I hope he’ll prove me wrong.

  5. When he says he thinks Andy deserved to win that year. Is he talking about Roddick or Murray? Jonathan Ross’ interviews with Roddick were hilarious.

  6. *sigh* Roger’s great in interviews, but people always ask him the same damn things and it must be pretty boring for him. There are some great interviews with him speaking not just about tennis.

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