25 thoughts on “Tennis Australian Open 2012 Mens Finals Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal”

  1. what happened is Djokovic started winning more and the fanatic haters started coming out. simple as that.

  2. holy shit the preview of the final,the first 10 mins of the video was like some epic foreshadowing of this 6hr final

  3. After getting his 2nd serve destroyed all day,how can nadal still serve calmly and not make like 7/8 double faults.

  4. But I think tennis is an elegant sport, it started off like that and should always be like that. Federer is so elegant. And last year, he was voted 2nd in the Most Respected People in the World.

  5. i’m a huge Federer fan but i think this match and 2011 US Open final between Nole and Nadal were probably the 2 greatest match i’ve ever seen, this one though due to its longevity will remain in the history of the sport

  6. I hate Djokovic. Nadal said its ok. But Rafa already wash Djokovic in Rome, Monte Carlo, and in Roland Garros. And Djokovic is like aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. who else hates seeing djokovic’s girlfriend every 5 seconds? i get it, he has a girlfriend. focus on the damn tennis!

  8. But this was the match where Nadal started to show signs of being able to solve the Djokovic riddle..

  9. Great match..one of the best ever. I stopped watching after the 4th set thinking that Nadal would definately win this. But I was socked when I returned home in the evening and saw Djokovic with the trophy after a hard fought battle for around 6 hours.

  10. And BTW there is a video where he curses Nadal when he wins him on Australian open

  11. No shit please, If u are serbian like me, u would read that 5 years ago he was the worst sport character. He was playing a match and he said to his parents to leave him alone and get out of the tennis stadium.. And LOL, if u say that federer has that “cold” handshake u know nothing about tennis… U know why? Because Federer is CLASS.He worths like Rafa+Djokovic x3 but he doesnt want to show it because he is not a kid-mind like rafa and djokovic…

  12. Ever heard about acting? Look at the rally at 5-5, 30-30 in the fifth set. These guys were not exhausted.

  13. he had a different fire last year, but i do think its because hes having alot more late night sex snacks

  14. I think bcoz u noe serbia has a bad reputation and many countries dislike serbia for many reason so i think it’s the same for swiss people. I’m not saying that djokovic and federer fully hate each other, it’s just their relationship isn’t as good let say federer and and nadal.

  15. oh really why is that? how do you know these things? thank you 🙂 i think it is great to see that people who have a rivalary in sport can be friends 🙂

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