24 thoughts on “Grand Slam® Tennis 2 – Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray – [5 min Unedited Gameplay]”

  1. everything EA makes , 2K makes it better Top Spin is better than grand slam pennis , and NBA 2k is better than nba elite 😉 Thumbs up if You agree

  2. Top Spin: Awesome animation and gameplay; probably the best simulation of tennis you can find, but some of the players don’t look that great and some of the sound effects (like Serena’s chicken cluck) aren’t good
    Grand Slam Tennis: Awesome Graphics, sound effects, character representation; it sounds just like a TV tennis match (+commentary) and it might look real from a distance, but the player move like The Flash, the balls almost never go out, and every single ball can be hit no matter what.

  3. I would like to play a tennis game where you play as the real legendary tennis player. like Bjorn Borg was faster and a better volleyer then nadal and was able to hit any ball from any angle.both nadal and borg had big topspins that what made them hard to beat. roger federer should have the best forehand out of the game. why can some one use theri head and made a tennis game that plays like a good tennis game

  4. this game takes the fun out of tennis. they don’t make the players good. you have 2 players (nadal and novak) that cheat so bad on this game it is not even funny. they have Boris Becker with a 121 serve when he had a 135 in real life and Bjorn Borg should be the fastest not Nadal. even the professional tennis players say that Borg is way faster then Nadal and has a better serve as well. if you r looking to by this game don’t just by topspin 4 andyesthatgamecheats aswellbuynotasbad as this one

  5. if only there was a game with topspin’s gameplay, and grand slam’s character models and courts.

  6. I stopped playing this months ago, the netplay is a joke and ruins the game.

  7. the ball movement in this game’s awesome. shame the player animations are so crap though 😛

  8. The net play on this game is pathetic… People that want to play tennis cant because of all the net huggers

  9. if only they create a game with GST2 graphics and tennis elbow 2011 gameplay!

  10. this is, true ,.. EA can only make football better…
    it sucks with tennis… nd diz game is a proof for sure

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